The enrollment application, admission agreement and the registration fee (non-refundable) are required to initiate registration.  In addition, forms required by California state law are to be completed (this includes a physician's report and immunization record) and the first tuition payment received before a child is admitted.

Entrance Ages 
Children in the Parent / Two-year-old class are to be two years old by September 1.  Our Preschool classes are licensed to accept children three - six years old.  Children are to be three years old by September 1.  Our Transitional Kindergarten accepts children who are 5 years old by December 1.  Our Kindergarten class accepts children who are eligible for California public school, five years old by September 1.

Notice of Anti-Discrimination Policy
Honey Tree Early Childhood Center admits children of all race, color, national and ethnic origin.

Tuition and Fees
The Parent / Two-Year-Old class registration fee (non-refundable) is $75.  The Preschool and Pre K classe  registration fee (non-refundable) is $100.  The Kindergarten and Transitional Kindergarten registration fee (non-refundable) is $125.
  The annual tuition is divided  and payable in 10 equal monthly installments (see table below for details).

Tuition Discounts and Scholarships
A 10 percent tuition discount is available for members of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, as well as for families with multiple children attending Honey Tree Early Childhood Center.   Please contact the Honey Tree office for more details and eligibility

2021-2022 Tuition *
Program Registration Fee
 Tuition / Monthly
Parent / Two-year-old class - 1 day a week 
Preschool - 2 days per week 
Pre K- 3 days per week (Extended Day)
Preschool or Pre K- 3 days per week         
Pre K - 5 days per week
Pre K - 4 days per week - PM $125 $425
Kindergarten/TK - 5 days per week
Kindergarten/TK - 4 days per week - PM


Tuition Schedule

 Payment Number
Due Date
 1 At registration or by June 1
 2 Sept. 1
 3 Oct. 1
 4 Nov. 1
 5 Dec. 1
 6 Jan. 1
 7 Feb. 1
 8 March 1
 9 April 1
 10 May 1