Parent Involvement

Honey Tree welcomes the involvement of our Honey Tree families.  Throughout the year there are many opportunities for parents to take part in our program.  In addition to our Parent / Two-Year-Old program, we encourage all of our parents to become active members of our Honey Tree community.  Parents are welcome to visit our school for observation, participation, and to volunteer.  Parents can help in the classroom with special activities and centers, prepare materials for the classroom, provide snacks, or share a special hobby, talent, or profession with the children.  Parents should contact their child's teacher to make arrangements to assist in the classroom. 

Communication with our families is very important at Honey Tree.  We maintain active communication with our Honey Tree families through the following channels of communication.

- Parent conference and evaluations during fall and spring
- Additional parent conferences as needed
- Parent information boards (posted outside of classrooms)
- Honey Tree website
- Honey Buzz newsletter
- Honey Tree updates and letters (email or sent home with children)