Leadership and Faculty

Administrative Staff

Sherri Schuler, Director                
Michele Chesson Admin. Asst. 


Tammy Adams, Asst.                           
Wendy Axelrad, Teacher         

Vickie Cass, Asst. 
Claudia Grimaldo, Asst.
Susan Jamison, Teacher                                                 
Jahna Lindgren, Asst.
Jackie Mason, Teacher                                                                                 
Jaime Neufeld, Asst. Teacher     
Jen Padberg, Asst.        
Susan Randolph,Teacher                               
Julie Riedel, Teacher          
Teri Wright, Teacher                 


Board of Directors

Darin Erickson, Member
Rhondi Ewing, Member 
Karen Lindgren, Member 
Mark Groenveld, Member
Robin Slattum, Member
Jane Narramore, Member
Grace Brunsell, Non-voting member
Sherri Schuler, Director, Non-voting member                                                                 


Teacher and Assistant Teacher Qualifications

All Honey Tree teachers meet California state licensing requirements and are certified by the state of California in Early Childhood Education.  Our faculty includes teachers with Associate Teacher, Teacher or Master Teacher permits as well as teachers who have or are in the process of attaining Bachelor of Arts or Master degrees.  Teachers participate in collaboration and professional development activities and are members of NAEYC and CAEYC.

Teacher / Child Ratios
Honey Tree offers classes of fourteen children with two full-time teachers; a one to seven ratio. The Parent / Two-Year-Old class is limited to ten children and ten parents with two teachers.