Honey Tree Early Childhood Center is located in Thousand Oaks, California on the campus of Holy Trinity Lutheran Church.  For a map to Holy Trinity and Honey Tree click here.
Honey Tree features six cheerful and interactive classrooms.  Each classroom features a whole group gathering area, reading center, computer center, dramatic play areas, and additional classroom activities that are rotated daily to provide for varied experiences and new opportunities for discovery. Each classroom is designed to provide children with developmental and sensory rich experiences.  Activities are selected to help foster students' confidence, imagination, social and emotional development, problem-solving skills, as well as fine and gross motor capabilities.   
Honey Tree also offers two beautiful large outdoor classrooms / playgrounds.  Children have the opportunity to discover the natural world and build their gross motor skills while participating in self-directed outdoor activities.  Our outdoor classrooms offer a bike path, swings, slides, climbing equipment, play houses, a student garden, and other outdoor equipment and activities that are rotated daily.  Students alternate between both outdoor classrooms / playgrounds to provide for varied learning experiences.